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Path Selection VNXe3150

Hello everybody,

I have q question regarding Path Selection on an VNXe3150.

I am running two VMware ESXi host, with two dedicated vmnics for ISCSI Storage.

Everything is working fine and ISCSI Storage was configured correctly.

I have two SP running on the VNXe, but when I look on the datastores on my ESXI host I only see two paths??!!

Sould the not be there 4 paths, or misunderstod I something here??

Thank for some answers!

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Re: Path Selection VNXe3150


The number of paths depends on the eth ports configured for the iSCSI server and remember each iSCSI server is bound to one SP and a LUN can only be created on one iSCSI server hence 2 is the max path you may have for one LUN.



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