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Performance Manager Navi Analyzer different Utilization Response time values


I'm not sure if this is a clariion question or for ECC/Ionix or if this topic has been discussed before.

I've noticed that Performance graphs between ECC Performance Manager and Clariion's Navisphere Analyzer are different. From Performance Manager, 2 LUN Metrics (Utilization and Response times) seems to show only half of the value of Navisphere Analyzer. I haven't looked at all the metrics so there might be other metrics that have the same problem. I did see some Metrics which show the same or similar values like the throughput (IOPS).

Is there an issue with Performance Manager or Navisphere Analyzer? Or does performance manager calculate these stats differently from Navisphere Analyzer? It's abit misleading if you compare a 100% LUN utilization output from Navisphere Manager  and with a 50% LUN Utilization from Performance Manager.



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