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Process for in-service electrical safety testing of a VNX5500

I am responsible for two VNX5500 unified systems. I am in the UK, which has an electrical safety testing regime which (coupled with my employer's policies) requires equipment to undertgo electrical safety inspections and tests. Both VNX5500 systems were tested on initial installation but an additional requirement has arisen for one of the systems to be retested.

For those not familiar with the UK testing regime, this will require each 230V-powered device to be disconnected from its supply and conencted to a test set - the test takes around 30 seconds and then the normal power is reconnected. For the DAEs we are assuming that removing only one inlet at a time (probably doing Power A on all DAEs, then Power B) will not cause any disruption. Likewise for the DME. For the control station I could just use a standard Linux shutdown prior to the test (is this reasonable and without hazard?)

The more significant question is how the testing of the DPE PSUs and SPS should be performed. Both the SPS and DPE PSU will need to be separately tested - are the DPE PSUs cross-wired to support both SPs or should I assume that when the PSU in SP A is disconnected, SP A goes off?

In which case, is the following a sensible approach:

1. Shutdown SP A (by turning off the SPS switch, or via Unishpere or CLI? What's the least disruptive way to do this with a multipathed VMWare environment?)

2. Disconnect SPS-SP A power cable.

3. Test SP A PSU and SPS side A.

4. Reconnect SPS-SP A power cable, turn on SPS A power switch.

5. Wait for full operation of SP A and repeat for SP B

This system is not in production, so a full outage is possible if a partial shutdown is not, but it is useful for us to understand the logic. While this may seem a very basic question, I can't find any clear references to performing something like this in the available manuals. A reference would be welcome if there is a document for this.

Many thanks


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Re: Process for in-service electrical safety testing of a VNX5500

Hi John,

I would suggest to work with your customer service people and account team in the UK

It that’s the regulation in the UK then they most likely have done that test before


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