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Question about Thin Provisioning/HP-UX

We are just entering the thin provisioning world.  We run ORACLE on HP-UX that we are converting from Symmetrix 8830 to cx4-480.

One question that has initially cause some discussion.  Here is the scenerio:

We want to run some tests, so we have assigned 6 - 128g thin luns from a 20 disk thin pool to a host.  A volume group was created from the luns.  We are now restoring an ORACLE database on this volume group.

The question:  The volume group was created concatenated (filling 1 lun completely, then starting on the next lun).  Should we be using striped on the volume group (filling all 6 luns equally)?

Wondering what others are doing?  Any best practices in laying out disk structure before actually migrating from the Symmetrix.


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