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Re-purposed host auto-registers as VMware

Hello all,

I need a bit of help here. A repurposed host which is now RH keeps auto-registering as a VMware host with the old hostname it used to have. I've tried de-registering it and manually registering it as what it should be and it still changes the host name on the VNX back to it's old host name as a VMware. Any thoughts? Would a restart of the SP management server help?

Model: VNX7600

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Re: Re-purposed host auto-registers as VMware


You should install unisphere agent or host utility.

Then you restart unisphere agent or register your host using host utility.

If you did so and your host was not registered, restart management server on SP.

Even if you did above activity and you didn't get better result, call DellEMC support.

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