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SMI-S and IBM System Director


I am trying to use the EMC SMI-S software to allow storage provisionning from IBM System Director 6.2.

The SMI-S is in in place and I can grab informations using the CIM CLI. The issue comes when I try to see the storage under IBM System Director since it seems to use the namespace "root/LsiArray13" instead of the "root/emc" one. Do you know if I have to configure something on either ends so "root/emc" is queried instead of "root/LsiArray13"? Is it a missing MOF file somewhere or a SLP discovery issue?

Thanks in advance for any hits&tips.


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Re: SMI-S and IBM System Director

Hi Matthieu

Can you inform me what version of SMI you have installed? Is there Solutions Enabler installed too? What error do you get when you try to access the System Director?
The SMI provider uses namespace root/emc and for IBM ESS,

  • root/ibm 
  • root/cimv2

(namespaces are case sensitive) If you name as root/LsiArray13, that could be your problem.

If you upgrade the SMI and did not remove existing Solutions Enabler prior the install (if you have Solutions Enabler) tou're going to have issues with namespace.

Please let me know versions, errors etc.



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