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SNMP monitoring possibilities (non-trap)


I want to know the possibilities of SNMP monitoring for a VNX5300 unified.

On the support website I can only find documents about SNMP trap configurations, but that's not what i'm looking for.

I've also opened a support case, but they couldn't help me with this question.

Has anyone experience with monitoring a VNX via SNMP?

I'm interested in things like SP utilization, interface statistics, data mover utilization, etc.

I know that these metrics are available in the VNX Monitoring & Reporting tool, but we want to use third party software to monitor this.

Regards, Tom

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Re: SNMP monitoring possibilities (non-trap)

You can still use your third party software to monitor VNX, but not via SNMP. You have to use Navisphere CLI and Unisphere Analyzer to monitor it. Please refer to my previous posts:



You can use naviseccli getcontrol or getcache to get SP level information, such as SP load, read/write throughput, cache dirty page, etc. But if you want to get LUN level performance information (IOPS, bandwidth), you have to enable Unisphere Analyzer and parse the data from the .csv files generated by naviseccli.

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Re: SNMP monitoring possibilities (non-trap)

What you can get from the data movers via SNMP is the standard MIB-II – basically interface and IP statistics

I don’t think that’s really in the docs since it’s the same as on every other SNMP agent that implements MIB-II

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