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SanCopy Pull VNX7500 CX4-960 Software Enabler

I need to know if the SanCopy Software Enabler is required to be installed on a Clariion CX4-960 if I want to do a SanCopy Pull from a VNX 7500? By default the VNX has SanCopy Enabled, however I do not have the Enabler on my CX4 array. To perform a migration using SanCopy is the Enabler required on both systems? Thank you


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Re: SanCopy Pull VNX7500 CX4-960 Software Enabler

If you will be pulling the data from VNX, you don't need to have enabler installed in the CX4 array.

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Re: SanCopy Pull VNX7500 CX4-960 Software Enabler

Here is a good whitepaper for you:


In page 5,

In the pull method, the SAN Copy Enabler is installed on the VNX platform, and the SAN Copy software on the VNX performs the migration by “pulling” the data from the older CLARiiON array and storing it on the VNX. This method allows SAN Copy to run on VNX’s more powerful processor. Another advantage of the pull method is that the VNX is likely to have less data and host I/O traffic, which the SAN Copy operation could impact.

In the push method, the SAN Copy Enabler is installed on the CLARiiON array, and the CLARiiON SAN Copy software “pushes” the data onto the VNX platform. The push method is usually faster than the pull method. Also, unlike a pull, the push supports “incremental” copies. This allows the LUN(s) to remain online during most of the migration; the migrating LUN only needs to be brought offline for the final synchronization and cutover from the source LUN to the new destination LUN on the VNX platform. Because of these advantages, EMC recommends that you use the push method to perform a migration to your new VNX platform.

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