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Setting up Quotas for VNX

The system lets you control disk space consumption by limiting the total bytes of storage that can be used, the number of files (inodes) that can be created, or both. This is done by defining and enabling user or group quotas at the file system level. It is also possible to limit the total amount of data, in blocks or inodes, that can be stored in a specific, new directory or subdirectory tree, by setting up tree quotas. Once you apply quotas to a tree, it is referred to as a quota tree. The system separately tracks usage for users, groups, and quota trees. Within a new quota tree you create, you can also set up user or group quotas and separately track usage and enforce limits at the quota-tree level.

To read more about setting up quotas please reference the following document:

Using Quotas on VNX 7.0

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Re: Setting up Quotas for VNX

The link points to a beta site with limited access...

This might be better:

Using Quotas on VNX (PDF)

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