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Snapshot from virtual machine on a OE 32 VNX

Hi guys,

We're planning on upgrading our VNX arrays to latest OE 32 version in a month or so. When that is done we want to start using vnx snapshot but we need to initiate them from the server side. I have read that this can be done with naviseccli and snapcli, but I wonder if there is drawbacks with anyone of these options (except the one below)?

We run a fully virtulized environment (ESXi) so snapcli doesn't feel like the right way because it communicates with the array over FC/FCoE, right?

I'm I missing something? How do you setup host side snapshot for a virtual machine?

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Re: Snapshot from virtual machine on a OE 32 VNX

To use VNX Snapshot fully integrated into VMware, it might be usefull looking into EMC AppSync. It takes all the pain from you for Querying datastores and Preparing VMware Snaps upfont. Unless you want to go down PowerCLI route that is the one i would recommend for now

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