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Storage migration from ZFS 7320 to vnx5400

HI all,

please guide me the procedure and things to be noted if i am planning to do a migration of my Oracle zfs 7320 storage to VNX 5400

1. what are the things to be noted ?

2. is there any emc migration  tool to do this ?

3. Has anybody done this earlier ? my os is Solaris 11 and luns are iSCSI

Waiting for your suggestions


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Re: Storage migration from ZFS 7320 to vnx5400

Assuming your host connectivity is iSCSI, are you running PowerPath on your Solaris hosts?  If so, you could leverage PowerPath Migration Enabler to migrate the data from the old LUNs to the new LUNs.

If you're not using PowerPath, I don't see the Oracle storage arrays on the support matrix for SANCopy.  I think your next option is other host-based migration tools, such as LVM.

Let us know if that helps!


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