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The best way to enlarge file capacity on a unified vnx5300

  1. I have a question about the best way to enlarge file capacity on a unified vnx5300. The current file storage pool is made up of dedicated drives and has 10 x 358GB luns.  There are also two block storage pools made up of multiple drive geometries, but no drives the same size as in the file storage pool. The two block storage pools are roughly equal in capacity and are used for VMware servers, so they are balanced. I’d like to double the size of the file capacity by adding 10 x 358GB luns, but don’t have that much capacity in either of the block storage pools. From my reading it appears that  I can create 6 x 358GB luns from one block storage pool and 4 x 358GB luns from the other and add them to the ~filestorage storage group to add the file capacity.  However, my understanding is that doing it that way will create two new file storage pools (one for each of the block storage pools used). That’s not my preference.   Is there a way to use the capacity that’s currently in the block storage pools to add to the file capacity without creating additional file storage pools, or do I misunderstand how this works?  Thanks. DB
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