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Too many small NAS Luns?

Hi all,

I just inherited a VNX 5600 storage system at my new job that serves double duty of Block and File/NAS storage. It seems the storage admin before me thought it was a good idea to carve 1TB luns out for the celerra/NAS.  Looks like its currently taking up ~90x 1TB luns.  I think this is a terrible use of storage controller bandwidth and I would like to replace or migrate that to much larger  (4 or 8TB) luns and have way fewer of them.

I guess my question is there any intelligent way to accomplish this without migrating all the data to an alternate location or storage pool?  I already found that I am unable to simply expand the luns that already exist in the ~filesystem storage group.

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Re: Too many small NAS Luns?

Hello rayflinte,

You will need to migrate all the data off then create the LUNS at the size that you want.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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