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USM, bugs so far... a field perspective

Ok, I realize that USM is brand new... version 1.0.0 after all.  However some glaring bugs really need to be addressed and I'm not sure who can field this from a development side.

1. NAT is not an option for logging into an array.  (Snippet from our procedure generator for upgrading to flare 30) Step 74.

Running USM:

a.    When you have loaded USM on a windows server/laptop with access to both SPs from the customer’s LAN, or with a connection to one of the Service LAN ports, start USM.

b.    Log into the storage system to be updated

·      If using the customer’s LAN, type in the IP address of one of the SPs.

·      If you connected using the service LAN port, select the Options button.  Select NAT connection and supply the IP addresses of BOTH SPs even though you are only connected to one SP.

In reality... there is no option button for NAT anywhere when opening USM.

2. Diagnostic information just doesn't work with USM... period.

I've logged into well over a dozen arrays now since USM was forced on us to replace NST.  Every, and I mean every time I log into an array and perform a software or hardware procedure the diagnostic information fails.  I HAVE to be in engineering mode to get past it.  I've tried going through the service port, or through the customer LAN and both ways it never downloads the information.  All it does is error the step out and continually pop up errors for time outs collecting the information.  Hitting "yes" to let it try and continue will let it go away for a minute, however hitting "no" will cause the pop up to re-appear over and over and over and over and over and over and over...

3. Dart 6 deployment, step 85 "joining the domain" through usm and cli.

This step is suppose to take "30 seconds", it takes close to 30 minutes before it errors out and simply reports it didn't join the domain.

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Re: USM, bugs so far... a field perspective

Is there a Solution for the Diagnostic Information Bug? I´m Running USM with Version and still have this Issue.

Also in Engineering Mode i have this Issue and cant upgrade the Flare Code. Any suggestions?

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