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Unable to connect to VNXe in IE to manage

I recently lost the ability to connect to my VNXe3100 through IE.  I can ssh to it and logged into it useing the service account and password.  I ran the following VNXe shell command svc_restart_service restart MGMT which should allow me back in through the web interface but Im still unable to get in.  Has anyone else encountered this and if so what worked for you?  Im trying to avoid rebooting each SP.

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Re: Unable to connect to VNXe in IE to manage

Hi Benny,

Usually the "svc_restart_service restart MGMT" should get back the GUI connectivity, however there might be some other services which are down at the moment and the "svc_restart_service restart" is not able to get these services back up. I would recommend you to please open a case with support for them to have a look into it.