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Upgrading VNXe3100 or not

Hey everyone

How is your general statement if a customer asks you about an Update? The customer is running a VNXe3100 with Version and there is the new version now.

Everything is working perfectly fine on this machine with the current OS. Shall we update? If yes what should be the benefit, risk of failures in the new build?

How do you  handle such request and what is your recommondation?

Thank you

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Re: Upgrading VNXe3100 or not

I often ask the customer, how often does your server/network environment upgrade?  Does your customer add new VMware/Hyper-V hosts regularly?  New versions of Windows or Mac OS X or Linux?  Unless the environment is 100% static, the customer is updating hosts and networking.  Storage will need to stay updated as well, to address changes implemented by OS or hardware vendors.

If your customer is fine with never upgrading networking, OS or hardware, I think he's probably fine never upgrading storage.

Let us know if that helps!


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