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VNX-7600 Compression/Dedupe...Yea, or Nay?

I have a VNX 7600, and I am wondering if either/both the compression/deduplication features are actually recommended for use, and if so, how best to optimize for them.

In particular, this array has 38x 200GB SSDs for Fast Cache, and six pools, where each pool contains:

27 x 600GB 10k disks

96 x 2TB NL-SAS disks

What I am considering doing is getting another 30 x 2000GB SSDs and assigning a 4+1R5 of them to each pool, and playing around a bit with thin/compressed/deduped LUNs.


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Re: VNX-7600 Compression/Dedupe...Yea, or Nay?

Please review the current White Paper for Compression and Deduplication before you embark on this . You need to choose which LUNs will be best suited for each type - Compressing or Deduplication - each one has Pros and Cons. Some application types are not suited for Deduplication and some are. Very high Write applications are probably not the best fit for Deduplication. Compression is more suited for archival data, not production. Choose wisely.

Also, the addition of a Flash tier to the Pools being used for Compression or Deduplication is very important. Also, there is a cost associated with enabling either Compression or Deduplication - expect lower performance and higher SP Utilization.

Each Pool with Deduplication will all be on one SP, so consider using two Pools - one for SPA and one for SPB to balance the workload. Undoing Deduplication can be complicated, you have to consider how much free space you have before you can disable dedupe on a LUN. There is a section about that in the White Paper.

There are a number of KB articles about Compression and Deduplication - Best Practice guide, issues, current Flare versions best for Deduplication. Please review these also.