VNX File Migration with CTA


Not sure if it's the right Support Forum...

I need to have some feedback regarding File Migration with the last version of CTA [V9.0]

My Source FS contains some Tree Quota that i need to reproduce on Destination FS. Unfortunately if i recreate the Tree Quota on destination FS, i cannot launch migration session becaus the CTA detect that the Destination FS is not empty for the first full migration.

Maybe there is a trick in order to keep Tree Quota on destination side but not found it yet...

I have found a primus emc115556 regarding the server_archive command and how keeping tree quota unfortunately primus is often down since several week...

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Re: VNX File Migration with CTA

Can you copy one qtree at the time?

This what the Primus suggests


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Re: VNX File Migration with CTA

Hi Claude,

If the root share is the Qtree no problem with CTA migration if the Destination Qtree is empty

This means one CTA migration per Qtree, we have currently 2500 Qtree to migrate...

It sounds to be a pain to realize that.......

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