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VNX Replicator with Vmware SRA

We recently upgraded a customers vsphere environment from 5.0 to 5.1, after upgrading all the components we went to go test SRM and it failed with this error:

Failed to create snapshot of replica device 204_{ProdSN)_2007_196_{RepSN}_2007.

  SRA command 'testFailoverStart' failed for device '204_{ProdSN)_2007_196_{RepSN}_2007'.

   The server fault 'ExtendedFault' had no message.

We're using 2 VNX 5300s to serve up NFS datastores to the vmware environment and the EMC VNX Replicator to replicate filesystems between the VNXs. As such we're using the VNX replicator SRA. Each site has an SRA that points to the local VNX.

I've searched the net over and over, called EMC and Vmware support and I can't seem to come up with the answer. Both EMC and Vmware support say its the other's problem. I'm not sure if this broke with the upgrade, or if it was broken before. The searches on good, EMC and Vmware knowledge bases don't return anything. Has anyone seen this?

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Re: VNX Replicator with Vmware SRA

ok I finally got someone who knew enough about replication and file and we figured it out. Well he figured it out while I watched. That error is a bit misleading because there are no snapshots with file, it's check points, so all my google searches were off. Anyway, what ended up being the issue was that replication never finished so when it came time to create a check point for SRM testing, it failed. We paused replication and the test went through without a problem.

Thanks to Darron Bitter with EMC support on this one...there wasn't much hair left to pull out of my head!