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VNX Snapshot (SMP) with Oracle Linux with Native MPIO


Does anyone have any experience with VNX Snapshot on a physical Oracle Linux server with Native MPIO on it?

Whenever i present SMP(Snapshot Mount Point) from VNX to the host, first of all the host doesnt detect SMP via rescan, if I reboot the host doesnt come up, throws disk IO errors. Since SMPs are not ready containers.

When I attach a snapshot to the SMP and present to the host it detects on a reboot, works as long as I the snapshot attached to the SMP.

But when i detach the SNAPSHOT the scan commands hangs and doesnt complete until a snapshot is attached to the SMP.

Does anyone know if I am missing any MPIO setting when it comes to SMPs. I have set ALUA policy on both host side and VNX side.



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