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VNX detailed part numbers


I want to know detailed parts of VNX 5500 with this configuration:

>VNX 5500 Block-only - Full Redundant , 15X3.5" DPE

>5 * (15*3.5''  DAE)

>20 * (3.5'' 600GB 15K HDD)

>20 * (3.5'' 2TB 7.2K HDD)

>10 * (3.5'' 200GB SSD) for FAST cache

>Vault Pack with 600GB 15K HDD

>Unisphere Block and VNX OE

>Total Efficiency Pack

>PowerPath License Solution for x86 Servers with 10 CPUs


This is my general configuration and I don't know all needed parts.

Can you please provide me all needed parts?

Thank you

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Re: VNX detailed part numbers

You can download the VNX Procedure Generator from the support page. It includes part guides for all VNX systems. I downloaded it a couple of days ago and tried. I suppose the attached document should contain what you are looking for.



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Re: VNX detailed part numbers

Was your question answered?


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Re: VNX detailed part numbers


Thanks for replies.

I don't need to know detailed parts of an DPE like it's processor and so on. Actually I want something like an LOM. For example there are four types of DPE. which one indicates that it is in a rack fully cabled. Do I need to order power cables and rail kits too? and ...

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Re: VNX detailed part numbers


you seem to be a partner and mean sales part numbers and not technical part numbers.

Sales part number contain mostly letters and look like this:

V4-2S6F-200 VNX 200GB SSD 25x2.5 DPE/DAE

Engineering part numbers are all numbers like:

005049622 (same disk – 200 GB SSD)

Typically you don’t need that – you order a system in Channel Express and it picks the correct sales part numbers for your config.

In our systems you don’t order part-by-part for system configs.

Channel Express will create a config for you that contains all the correct sales part numbers.

That will make sure that you have the correct versions, cables, …

If you have the necessary partner access - look at Powerlink in VNX Family -> matrices if you find a zip file called configuration guides.

That would help explain the ordering logic for VNX and other EMC storage.

Your partner account manager or partner TC should be able to help you further


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