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VNX5200 and VNX5400 auto sensing power supply

Hi All,

Is anyone aware of the fact that as of april 2015 VNX5200 and VNX5400 ship with autosensing power supplies that will work with either 120V or 240V power source? If so, does anyone have any documentation from EMC about that? The VNX5200 and VNX5400 hardware and installation guides do not have this info, as the latest version out there is dated by March 9 2015.

Appreciate your input.

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Re: VNX5200 and VNX5400 auto sensing power supply

Yes there is a power supply for 110V – initially we only supported 220V

The part number should tell you which one is which

HW: 110V Power Supply (Octane) PN: 071-000-022-00

HW: 200-240V Power Supply (Co-Pilot) PN: 078-000-092-03