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VNX5300 disk wizard for file


I have a customer who has a VNX5300 unified.

The config is

1 DPE with full sas hdd for block level.

1 DAE with 9 sas hdd for block level. And 6 NL SAS 1TB to be use for files.

But when i want to use the Disk wizard provisioning foor file i have an error that there is no hdd avaible.

How can i create a storage pool for the file with my 6 NL SAS HDD

Thanks you


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Re: VNX5300 disk wizard for file

Have a look at the following post which will answer it for you.  Also, by redirecting you to that thread, you'll have for your reference, the lists of supported RAID 6 disk configurations (per the NAS Support Matrix).

unable to provision disk for file using NL-SAS drives on vnx5300

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