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VNX5800 - FAST Cache IOPs

Hi there,

I am trying to find out how many IOPs I get if I add FAST Cache to my VNX5800.

I thinking of having 8 x 100GB EFD FAST Cache drives in a RAID 1 configuration and 1  hot spare.

READ/WRITE = 70/30

I know it depends a bit on what type of data we are using.

Is there not a general rule of thumb ?

Please advice

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Re: VNX5800 - FAST Cache IOPs

Hi Ron,

I recommend reviewing the best practices guide available for download here. There is a section on rule of thumb (page 12 onwards).

Hope that is helpful.

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Re: VNX5800 - FAST Cache IOPs

Hi Zeeshan,

Thanks for your answer, it helps but I still don't know how many extra IOPs I get when install FAST Cache.
I also had a look in another document: "docu48710_White-Paper_-EMC-VNX-Multicore-FAST-Cache-VNX5200,-VNX5400,-VNX5600,-VNX5800,-VNX7600,-and-VNX8000"

But this document also doesn't describe on how to calculate the number of IOPs with FAST Cache.

I also have the Pool Siser which is a great tool but also doesn't do anything with FAST Cache.

So please keep this topic open because I am still looking for an answer

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