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VNX7600 Unified Control Station sendmail/smtp settings

I have a VNX7600 Unified on which I have several notifications for block filesystem utilization set. These were working fine until September 6th when the SMTP server suddenly started refusing connections. The output of mailq on the control station indicates the emails are deferred due to "connection refused by notmyrealcompanyname.com." HOWEVER, I can't figure out where/how the control station's sendmail is getting its configuration information on what SMTP server to use. It appears to be trying to use some SMTP server "notmyrealcompanyname.com" (that's our company's domain name, changed to protect the innocent). I don't think this is the correct server. DNS translates it to some external IP address that, surprise surprise, REFUSES attempts to connect to the SMTP port. There's no place to make that setting in the GUI. sendmail.cf says nothing about windstream.com. I just have no clue where it's getting its information or how to change it.
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