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VNXe Replication

I have two VNXe - 3100 and 3300. I have tried to setup replication between the two systems but it fails. The connection gets established along with the volume on the destination system but it says network error. I cannot remove that volume from the destination host. Is there a way to remove the host? Secondly, what exactly needs to be configured networking wise for replication to work. I believe it is a networking issue cause I have multiple subnets.

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Re: VNXe Replication


In order to create replication between two VNX from different sites you would need

(1) Filesystem details to be replicated.

(2) Checkpoint source storage pool.

(3) Destination storage details.

(4) VNX Interconnect details.

(5) Source replication ip(IP used for replication).

(6) Destination ip(IP used on destination storage).

(7) Mode of replication(Manual or out of sync).

(8) Destination Checkpoint Storage Pool

Do let me know in case if this is of any help to you. I have used the above mentioned details to configure replication between VNX5300 storage.



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