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VNXe iSCSI setup with VMware ESX 4.1 not working

I recently setup an iscsi server on a VNXe 3100 system. The IP address I used for the iscsi server belongs to a dedicated subnet 10.0.4 .

I then created a generic iscsi storage and presented it to a ESX host that I had already added to the VNXe hosts. I gave it permissions for "virtual disk and snapshots".

On the ESX side, I setup a vmkernel portgroup with an IP on the same subnet 10.0.4. I then enabled software iscsi and did a dynamic discovery of my vnxe iscsi server, it was able to see it. But when I try to create a new VMware datastore > Disk/LUN otpion, I do not see any targets. I re-scanned the HBA couple of times and I also tried a static discovery by manually adding the target. Still cannot see the LUN to create a VMFS partition on it.

Rebooted the ESX host, no luck.

Both ESX and VNXe and see each other's targets, what am I missing ?

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Re: VNXe iSCSI setup with VMware ESX 4.1 not working

Hi Verman,

In Unispehre, You can click Storage->VMware and create a Virtual Disk(VMFS) storage for your ESX server use. Another operations should be no problem. I think it can solve your issue.

Thank you.