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VNXe snapshots

We had a VNXe installed at our site.  It evidently wasn't setup with snapshots enabled since those buttons are grayed out.  I have looked for documentation that tells me how to enable snapshots after the datastore is created but haven't been able to find out anything.  If anyone can provide a step-by-step walkthrough I'd appreciate it.

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Re: VNXe snapshots

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Re: VNXe snapshots

Here are some of the steps:

1. Click on your storage in the 'Storage > VMware' page.

2. Click on details.

3. Go to the 'Protection Size' tab. Verify that you have protection space configured for the shared folder. If not, configure some protection space for the storage here.

4. Go to Snapshots tab.

5. Click on 'Modify Protection' to configure a protection schedule. Run through the wizard that comes up. You can also click on 'Take Snapshot Now' button to take a manual snapshot whenever you want to.

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