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VNXe3100 Problems

Hello All,

I am sorry if this has been asked here before. I have been trying to search for a solution but to no avail.

I have a vnxe3100 what has been in use for some time. I decided to set it up for my lab, and initially when I logged in, It has whole bunch of old configuration etc. which I didn't need so I just quickly googled and on how to factory reset the system.

I basically put both the controllers in service mode, and then clicked on reinitialize. That was 5 days ago, I have since not been able to get the the system back up again.

I tried using the connection utility, and using the usb stick to assign the ip address and that didn't work either.

I tried doing svc_reinit & svc_reimage from cli(using the serial cable and service login) but I am not getting anywhere.

Any idea on what I can/should do? it was working fine prior to me reinitializing..

Output of svc_diag

======== Now executing basic state ========

* System Friendly Host Name is: Unable to determine system hostname.

* System Serial Number is: ****

* Current Software version:

* Unisphere IP address(es): Unable to determine IP address

* SSH Status: SSH is disabled on this system.

* Boot Mode: Rescue_Mode

* Post Faults: No faults detected. (code 0x0000)

* Backend Faults: No faults detected. (code 0x0000)

* Boot Control Faults: No faults detected. (code 0x0000)

* Rescue Reason: No faults detected. (code 0x0000)

* SP Service Hint Code: <None>

*** WARNING *** This Storage Processor is in Service Mode  *** WARNING ***

*** Run "svc_diag" to view system info or "help" for service commands  ***

service@spa spa:~>

Thanks for all your help.

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Re: VNXe3100 Problems

I am still stuck, does anyone have any idea on how to go about resolving this issue.

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Re: Re: VNXe3100 Problems

Take a look at this KB

EMC Knowledge Article 331888 : VNXe: How to re-image a VNXe storage processor? (Dell EMC Correctable)

If SP is still in service mode, use the following commands to return to normal mode. •    svc_rescue_state -c •    svc_shutdown -r

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