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What do you want to learn about at EMC World 2011?

Did you attend EMC World last year?

Are you planning to join us this year?

We'd love to hear from you!

EMC World may seem far off to you, but for us it's right around the corner.  We're starting to identify our breakout sessions and hands-on labs and speakers now.

Here are just some of the popular sessions we've offering in the past:

  • Celerra Unified Storage Architecture and Key Concepts
  • Celerra Multitenancy Concepts and Mechanics for the Private Cloud
  • NAS Meets SAN: An Introduction to Celerra Unified Storage
  • Best Practices for Implementing VMware View with EMC Storage
  • Maintaining High NAS Performance Levels
  • New Features and Functions of CLARiiON FAST
  • Flash Architecture and Effects
  • CLARiiON and VMware vSphere Update

If you have attended EMC World before, what sessions did you find most useful?

What would you like to hear about this year?

What speakers are fantastic and should present again this year?

What are your Hot Topics (e.g. VMware, Exchange, Cloud, performance)?

EMC World 2011 will be held on Las Vegas on May 9-12.  Be sure to bookmark our EMC World web site and keep checking back for more details.

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Allen Ward
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Re: What do you want to learn about at EMC World 2011?

I've been at the last three EMC World events and I'm looking forward to being back in Vegas again (where I attended my first one in 2008).

For me, there isn't just one thing I can pick out as most valuable. At the top of my list though would be:

  • Roadmap information on where product lines are going (recently that has been especially important to me for Ionix ControlCenter/SRM7)
  • Birds-of-a-Feather sessions where customers can interact with other customers directly (and in person) regarding the ways they use technologies successfully (and unsuccessfully) and the challenges they face and have overcome
  • Panel Sessions with Product Management teams where we can get direct insight into the thinking that goes into the development cycle, as well as the ability to provide feedback that can affect that product cycle
  • Half price Certification exams :-)
  • The Studio.E Wii competitions in their booth each year. Plus watching Chris make the draws more entertaining than anything else going on on the show floor!
  • Hands on in person work with the Usability folks on certain products. I find these in person sessions much easier than they are over the phone
  • Any sessions that touch on integration of disparate product lines that we sometimes have trouble getting consolidated views of (e.g. CLARiiON/Symmetrix & VMware, ControlCenter and VMware, DPA & Networker and/or RecoverPoint)
  • The annual Support Forums lunch where we get to meet the people we interact with daily online in REAL LIFE
  • The exercise factor. Nuff said *lol*

It is really the combination of all things available in one place with a bunch of people who do the same sorts of things and face the same challenges I do every day. ECN and the Support Forums are an incredible resource that I wouldn't give up, but there is something to be said for at least occasional face to face interaction.

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