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having issues migrating Boot LUN from failed host to new host

Had a server that went down.  Found the HBA cards to still be good.  Moved the HBA's to a new Server  Chassis, a Dell R740 configured the Fiber channel card Bus bios and set to Device LUN 0  and verified that the initiators are registered properly on the VNX5400.  Associated the initiators to the correct storage group and verified the address is being seen on the HBA.  Now, I have gone into bios and verified that the HBA is set as the first boot device.   Everytime i try to Boot, it doesnt see the Boot device on the HBA.  The question is, do i need to create a New Boot LUN and New storage group because some random ID tag is sitting out there, or am I missing something to get this server to boot from the san.  The Idea is to spin up the original OS from the failed server, which was booting from the SAN previously.

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