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identifying Hitachi WWID (HDS Lun UID)

Does anyone know how to identify Hitachi WWID for its Luns thru either Storage Navigator or CLI?  I need this information for sancopy migration to VNX.

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Re: identifying Hitachi WWID (HDS Lun UID)

Probably get more responses in Hitach user community ?


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Re: identifying Hitachi WWID (HDS Lun UID)

Depends on the type of unit

But HDS do not map LU/volumes as EMC do,

EACH physical FC port can be virtulised and so you can work out the volume from the WWID and which CTL it comes from follow below.

5  0  0  6  0  E  8  0  1  0  4 2 7 4 7  0

In black  this is fixed 00:60:E8 is the Hitachi/Hitachi Data Systems, WWID nomination

Red is machine type

Blue is the serial number in HEX

last digit is the port so 0 is port 0a and so depends on number of ports

watch out for type 2 AMS 2100 and 2300 and ports are reserved

if you upgrade from a two port fc to a 4 port per CTL

so if you see a volume with above WWID you can say it is an AMS 200 with SN  73010055 on port 0a

730 AMS 200

750 AMS 500

770 AMS 1000

830 AMS 2100

850 AMS 2300

870 AMS 2500

I hope this helps

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Re: identifying Hitachi WWID (HDS Lun UID)

It does help!  Thanks Lee!

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Re: identifying Hitachi WWID (HDS Lun UID)

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