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need clarification about this error and what to do

Severity : Error
System : CS0
Domain : Local
Created : May 12, 2016 6:25:31 PM
Message : Unisphere can no longer manage (SP B).
Full Description : Unisphere can no longer manage the other storage processor (SP B) in this storage system. Server I/O to the storage system is not impacted by this.
Recommended Action : Verify that the storage processor has a valid management LAN connection and that the SP does not have a hardware fault.
Event Code : 0x743a

also i have 1 of my SAS disks gives orange led

thanks in advance

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Re: need clarification about this error and what to do


from Unisphere confirm that the IP address of the management LAN is configured correctly.... Make sure that the management LAN IP on SPB is pingabble.

Check the network connectivity, cables and the switch port if the SP is working fine. Otherwise check the SP if there is any amber LED on it.

If everything is fine, seems to be a problem in the management Server Process (CIMOM) and you can verify this from the SP events. if so, login to https://SPB_IP_ADDRESS/setup as sysadmin and click on Restart Management Server button.

Good Luck