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"No targets available for this volume" OM 3.12 windows 2008 cluster

Hi Team,

Can you help me out with the below issue:

IHAC wherein I am migrating Windows 2008 cluster disks from HP to VMAX using OM 3.12 tool.

I have provisioned the VMAX disks to the both the cluster nodes as per the design..formatted the target LUNs and added the OM filter drivers to both source and target LUNS.

After reboot when I am trying to do the “migrate volume” for any of the source disks I am getting a message “No targets available for this volume”. Target disk size is not an issue as we have larger Target LUNs available.

This is happening for all the source volumes.

One point to be noted is that if I try to do “migrate volume” for any target volume (Just to check out) it gives me source disks as available disks as target.

From my point of view it seems that that there is some confusion either in the cluster or OM where in it takes target volume as source and source volumes as targets.

Uninstalling/reinstalling the OM tool didn’t help either

Have you ever faced this issue before…of if you have any thoughts/suggestions on this issue pls let me know.



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Re: "No targets available for this volume" OM 3.12 windows 2008 cluster

If you really mean VMAX as in Symmetrix than you are in the wrong forum

This is Unififed Storage – meaning VNX and VNXe