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sancopy from cx300 to vnx5100

We have bought a new vnx5100 to replace the existing clariion cx300, but we have to migrate the data from the cx300 to vnx5100.

We ar using a VSphere Vcenter host environment with a lot of Raw Device Mappings.

In the frist case we considered that the best way should be to use Sancopy all th device mappings. According to the emc paper h8173-migrating-clariion-vnx-san-copy-wp.pdf, we have installed sancopy on the vnx, but we can´t see any ports in the SAN connections from the vnx5100. Nevertheless on the CX300 we can see and configure the VNX 5100 Ports.

Afterwards we were told, that we need to have a SanCopy/E enabler on the CX300 system to see the ports.

Unfortunately we don´t have these license, but i think we have missed anything in this migration issue.

Does anyone of the community give us advice what to do in this case?

We would really appreciate any help?

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Re: sancopy from cx300 to vnx5100


You need SANCopy/E license only to manage sancopy from CX300 box. For example you need sancopy incremental from cx300 to vnx5100. It only possible with SANCopy/E license. One more thing: you can use SANCopy/E only when second clariion box has SANCopy license.

To create sancopy session you need:

1. Zone at least one port from CX300 and one non MirrorView port from vnx5100. If VNX5100 has no MV license you can use any FC port. I usually use 2 port per clariion from each SP

2. From VNX5100 on Storage tab issue Update SAN Copy connections. You should see WWPN of VNX5100 logged in and registered in Connectivity Status on CX300

3. On CX300 create Storage Group, add SANCopy connection to Storage Group

4. On CX300 write down WWNs of each LUN  you need to copy to VNX

5. On VNX5100 start SANCopy wizard and use LUN WWN to identify LUN you need to copy to VNX


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