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Metadata volume protection against datacenter disaster

Hello everyone,

I can't find a true answer about VPLEX Metadata, i know they have to be in two differents array to prevent any disruption in VPLEX.

So for this protection, having 2 array is enough, but what happen if my datacenter burn, with the VPLEX, the two arrays ?

Is there a way to backup cluster configuration and restore them without metadata volume or metadata backup volumes ?

Can i cross connect my arrays between VPLEX in a way i would expose 1 metadata backup volume from array1 in DC1 and 1 metatada backup volume from array 2 in DC1 ? If i do that, i can have 1 metadata backup available in case of true disaster.

I hope someone can help me on this subject.

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Re: Metadata volume protection against datacenter disaster


Yes it is possible.

It is the only "cross connect" backend configuration allow.

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