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Powerpath migration enabler and VPLEX

Hi All,

I'm interested to know how one might use Powerpath migration enabler to help ease the transition from an existing LUN to be encapsulated under VPLEX.

What we would like to do is to present the same LUN to the VPLEX to have it encapsulated.  Then we would present that VPLEX encapsulated LUN to the same host.

The typical steps for powermig would require a "sync" phase, but since this is really the same physical LUN, would we just skip to the commit phase?

And obviously, we would not want to run a "powermig clean" command, correct?

I searched for documentation on powerlink, but I was not able to find anything.

This idea was suggested by an EMC Engineer, but I was told by EMC support the following:


The powerpath migration method is not supported as of now with the VPLEX-PPME combination.

For the migrations you essentially have two options.

  • Present the data luns to host via VPLEX using the VPLEX encapsulation method, this involves a brief downtime.
  • Using PPME Host Based Copy from source luns to VPlex Virtual volume. PPME encapsulation is not supported with VPLEX at this time.

Also it is not recommended to present the same Lun to a host via both the underlying array as well as the VPLEX at the same time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Powerpath migration enabler and VPLEX

Hi Jeff,

The response that you have received from EMC support is accurate.

You have two available methods for migration of existing storage into a VPLEX environment:

1. Using encapsulation (requires small amount of downtime but no copy needed)

2. Using host copy (no downtime but needs a copy for migration)

Your request seems to be to help accomplish migration into a VPLEX environment without downtime or without needing a copy (cool idea!). Can you give us a description of the host environment that you are trying to accomplish this in? What is the OS / Cluster technology? What is the backend storage? This will help us understand your requirements better.

Best Regards


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