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Problems with configuring LDAP in Vplex

Hi ,

Can anyone explain me the about how to configure LDAP in vplex.
I have the commands but I have no knowledge about distinguished names , mapped principal and how to find that out.

command used - authentication directory-service configure

error - It asks for a password ( but i have no idea whose password it is asking and which server it s trying to authenticate)

authentication directory-service  Evaluation of <<authentication directory-service ********>> failed.

Any help will be appreciated !

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Re: Problems with configuring LDAP in Vplex


If you review the Vplex admin and cli guide, it has all the info you need to configure LDAP on vplex.

You can download both manuals from emc|one search.

Unfortunately, there is too much info to post here.

If you still have an issue after reviewing doc please do not hesitate to open a Service Request with Vplex support.

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Re: Problems with configuring LDAP in Vplex

May be your Authentication team ( AD/LDAP/CDS ) team can help to get those values . It was hard before to get the LDAP configured but new layout of the LDAP has made it easy to configure it .

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