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VPLEX SNMP agent failing


We're using VPLEX VS2 5.3 and setup SNMP for monitoring, but the agent is always stopped and we have to restart it manually all the time. Did anyone have something similar? Is there any workaround?


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Re: VPLEX SNMP agent failing

We have the same problem, I am considering putting an expect script in service's cron to check the status and use vplexcli via expect to start the service again... Can't determine why it keeps crashing. We are hardly polling it at this point.

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Re: VPLEX SNMP agent failing

Hi, We had the same problem: You will have to upgrade the code (5.3)


In earlier releases, the VPLEX SNMP Agent periodically terminated due to a

memory leak. This issue has been assessed by memory analysis tools and is

fixed in Release 5.3