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application consistent storage volume migration vplex local

Should be an easy question.  I have an application consistent storage volume and want to move it from an older array to a new array.  I have local only licensing.

Everything is there, claimed and created.  I can get through the mobility piece up until actually creating the mobility job in which I receive an error that states

failed to create a new data migration

     unable to attach (new device name) to (mobility job name)

     firmware command error

     the proposed mirror is marked application consistent

This is through the gui as I don't have any real experience with the cli and have copied commands to do everything with the exception of mobility jobs.  The encapsulation of the LUNs was done by one of our business partners because there were 70 of them to do in a short period of time.

I'm running code 5.2.  I guess my question is how do I get around this without having lun downtime to the app server.

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Re: application consistent storage volume migration vplex local

The devices you are trying to migrate have the --appc flag turned on and those can not be migrated.  This flag was used to protect the volumes doing the encapsulation process in earlier code levels.  You need to disable this flag and you will then be able to do the migrations.  You will not need to turn this flag back on.

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