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how expand vplex distribute virtual volume

we have VPLEX Metro setup with VMAX 20 behind, we created distribute virtual volume for windows servers, now I need expand one of the drive from 10G to 50G. I found out 2 ways to do this:

1. Expand the backend devices capacility on VMAX, then expand it on VPLEX at both side

2. Create new device with 50G and use data mobility migrate over.

For options 1:

my backend device on VMAX is thin TDEV (i created from unisphere create virtual volume), not meta devices. I checked VMAX document set, it told only meta device can be expanded, either stripped or concanated. So I need convert the thin TDEV to meta concanated volume then expand it, it seems this is a very long procedure and I am new to EMC storage system, not familiy with Symcli.

For options 2

To use data mobility, it must be local volume, but mine is distribute, I need break down the mirror and do the mgiraton, once migrated over and attach mirror. this looks a bit simple, but i can do this online while the drive is presented to server? where i can find details step?

or is there any other eaiser way I can achieve this.

Much appreciate any suggest.

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Re: how expand vplex distribute virtual volume

Hi LettitGo

Option 2 seems the best way to go to me. And yes, it can be done online.

long list the Distrbuted device you  want to expand

VPlexcli:/distributed-storage/distributed-devices/dist_dev_1> ll distributed-devices-components

Detach Mirror_leg2

in the distribute device context

device detach-mirror -s 0 -i -f -d dev_leg2

check the status:

VPlexcli:/distributed-storage/distributed-devices/dist_dev_1> ll distributed-devices-components

now you can do the mobility job to extend the local device.

Reattach the remote mirror.

This an online process.  Detaching the mirror is transparent to the application.

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Re: how expand vplex distribute virtual volume


this thread is a bit older, but Geo 5.2 onwards supports this nondisruptively, so no need to break the mirror before expanding locally and reattaching stuff or building a new one and migrating. just expanded a 2TB distributed volume to 3TB. takes a while to complete though.

see https://logicalblock.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/how-to-expanding-vplex-virtual-volumes/


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Re: how expand vplex distribute virtual volume

Wolfi72, the issue stated above calls for a mobility job because the VMAX device can not be extended due to it not being a meta device. So this will have to be an instance where the distributed virtual volume will need to be broken to allow the device contents to be moved to a new larger device. Once moved it can be expanded then presented to a new larger remote device re-creating the distributed virtual volume.

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