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ViPR-C 3.0 with Boot volume and datastore initiator pairs

how can we best configure ViPR and Cisco UCS to create boot volumes masked to only 2 of 4 HBAs and ensure that boot-vol-esxhost1 is only masked to host1's boot initiator pair and that boot-vol-esxhost2 is only masked to host2's boot initiator pair?  The other 2 initiators for each of these UCS hosts will have ALL datastore volumes masked to them for a given cluster.



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Re: ViPR-C 3.0 with Boot volume and datastore initiator pairs

Clarification question....

For a single UCS host, with 4 HBA Initiators, are they isolated such that Initiators A and B are for boot, and C and D are for data, without crossing?   Or do you use A and B for boot, but A,B,C, and D are all used for data?

If they are fully isolated, one option may be to use two vArrays..  One for boot, one for data..  Assign the HBAs accordingly..  Then you create a Boot vPool and a data vPool.    Create boot LUNs and assign to single hosts, create data LUNs and assign to whole cluster.

That said, ViPR has boot LUN configuration for UCS if you add in the UCS Manager and create specific compute clusters

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