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ViPR SRM Service Level by LUN question

I am setting up a POC for a mixed array environment, some EMC, mostly Hitachi and am having some issues with configuring the service levels, almost all the HDS DP Pool volumes are aggregating under the "other" category.    For HDS arrays that are utilizing pools (DP Pool) the luns do not have a raid level, however the Pool itself does (we aren't using dynamic pools for the most part).  I've tried modifying the service levels to include looking at the Storage Pool RAID level configuration (looks like the devconf property) but nothing seems to work.  I guess I can manually create a query based on the volume Pool, that just becomes an administrative headache with the number of pools we have across the arrays.

Any suggestions?

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Re: ViPR SRM Service Level by LUN question

Hey Rob:

I don't see it in the list of reports.

You could try searching for it in mgt of database metrics, but does not appear to be in the canned reports.\