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What Rights are needed for Unix Discovery in VIPR SRM

As a support Engineer for VIPR SRM I find a lot of customers not having the correct privileges for UNIX discovery.

To discover Unix Hosts in VIPR SRM, one needs to either have root access (admins never give root privileges), Power Broker or SUDO.

In order to have the correct permissions for UNIX discovery, one needs the following rights in the sudoers file, depending on your version of UNIX:

The Absolute Path to the Following commands is required in the Sudoers file
sar, inq, powermt, vxdisk, swap, kdb (kdb is only for VIO Clients)


sar, inq, powermt, vxdisk, dmidecode, lvdisplay, pvs, vgs, multipath


sar, inq, powermt, vxdisk, /opt/sfm/bin/CIMUtil (CIMUtil is allowed only in ViPR SRM 3.5.1 or higher)


sar, inq, powermt, vxdisk, mpstat

Here is a good example of the sudoers file:

If you follow the sudoers file as stated, you should have a successful Unix discovery for Physical hosts.

For more information, take a look at the EMC ViPR SRM Solution Pack Installation Guide.

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Re: What Rights are needed for Unix Discovery in VIPR SRM

See if this document will help you with setting up your Sudo file.

Thank you

Randy Bell | Sr. Solutions Architect | EMC² |Cell (480) 678-1147

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