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Connecting to VMs created as part of a VDI collection

I have a Win2016 server that has RDS and Hyper-V set up. I have a VM that I created in Hyper-V, and that has been sysprepped and used as a template to create two test VMs within a VDI collection pool. I can see the collection in RDS, and I can see both VMs in Hyper-V Manager. With that done, I am ready to start testing with some Wyse 5070 terminals that we picked up from Dell.

I can use the local Wyse setup program to create a Remote Desktop connection to the Win2016 server, and when launched it will take the user directly to the server. What I would like to do instead is have the RDP client configured to connect directly to one of the VMs in the VDI collection. I feel like I am missing something obvious, but I cannot seem to figure this part out. I’ve done some Google searching, but all I can seem to get are guides on how to create the collections themselves, and I already have that done.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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