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Dell UPS on ESXi 5.1

I've got a Dell UPS that's only got a USB connection, should I be able to get an ESXi host to see it in any way?

I've got ULNM running in a vMA as per the instruction but I can't get the software to see the hardware.  The vMA is running on the same host as the UPS is plugged into.  I've not got vCentre Server as it's only a single host.

Is it possible to get ULNM to see the hardware if it's plugged in via USB to an ESXi Host?



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Re: Dell UPS on ESXi 5.1

Hi Stuart,

You will need the Network Management Card (H910P) accessory for the Dell UPS to communicate with the ESXi host.  USB is generally not supported in this type of environment.

Hope this helps.


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