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Dell vCenter Plugin Enable Alarms

I have installed the vCenter plugin.  By default all of the alarms are disabled as expected from the installation.  

Our concern when enabling the alarms is the default action configured for many of the alarms which will enter a host into maintenance mode when the alarm is triggered.  What I am afraid of is if any of my hosts are in a state that meets the conditions it will enter the host into maintenance mode and stress resources  or in some cases cause an outage.   

In this manual there is a note that seems to confirm this would be what happens as well on Pg 25,26.  

If this is the default action how should you go about enabling alarms without potentially taking hosts down?   

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Re: Dell vCenter Plugin Enable Alarms

@ rob030787 , go to the vcenter root and change the action of the alarm. You can delete it or set up any of the other standard vCenter actions.