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Emc vnx 5400

Hi just looking for some general advice please.

There are lots of vnx 5400s on ebay. My understanding is these are nas boxes at their simplest. I have zero experience

I have t310 servers in my lab on a procurve switch.  How do i connect a 5400 to the network please?

Regards graham  


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Rev up application performance like never before

with VNX5400 unified storage systems. These

data storage systems feature MCx for multicore

optimization that delivers a four-fold increase in

transaction performance over previous EMC

VNX systems.


• Provides unified block, file, and object support


• Delivers high performance and low latency with

   MCx multicore optimization


• Supports 1 PB max raw capacity


• Reduces capacity needs with block-based and file-

   based deduplication and compression


• Offers industry-leading integration with VMware

   and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization


• Pairs with FAST Suite to optimize performance

   and cost


• Simplifies administration with EMC Unisphere

   Management Suite



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