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MemBist error: DIMM A4, D5

Hello to everyone,

i have a Dell PowerEdge R810 where i recently change the motherboard which has a problem, and then i have an error message:

 MemBist error: DIMM A4

 MemBist error: DIMM A4

 Lockstep Pair: A3 & A4 disabled

Please replace the DIMM or Remove e lockstep pair

 MemBist error: DIMM D5

 Lockstep Pair: D5 & D6 disabled

 Please Replace The DIMM or Remove the Lockstep pair

normally, the Dell PowerEdge R810 has 4 CPU with 32 slots for RAMs and all RAMs have a total size of 64 GB and with that error is currently showing 52 GIB.

the server has an OS of Vmware ESXI 5.0

therefore, i would so pleased if i can get a help of you. and Thank you in advance for any help that will be provided to me 

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Re: MemBist error: DIMM A4, D5

I have seen this error before and this can indicate that you have DIMM faults or they are starting to get faulty. What i usually do when i have this kind of error is to try and reseat the memory dimms in another slot and boot up again to see if the same error occurs in the other slot.

If this does not work then its to call Dell support to replace the faulty dimms.

Best regards Boris

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