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Powerconnect 5424 for EQL iSCSI on ESX4

a ESX4 server connect to two 5424 switch via 1 cable each. EQL have two connection to each 5424 switch.
the switch do not have any configuration, just power on to connect.

There is already some production vm guest running on it. I want to make use of MPIO and optimize the switch setting. I already enable MPIO on ESX side. Now I need configure the switch.

Please advise on the step-by-step of LAG configuration, and whether I can do it without interruption to my vm guests.

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RE: Powerconnect 5424 for EQL iSCSI on ESX4

Hi Dylan,

The LAG Configuration setup is on page 351, "Aggregating Ports" of the 5424 User Guide:

There *shouldn't* be any interruption, but you might want to do this in an outage window.
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